Our mission is to empower the next generation of dermatologists and health care professionals with the best dermatology learning experience possible.

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The founders

Dr. Elena Netchiporouk
Dr. Zeinah AlHalees
Dr. Mathieu Powell

The Montreal Derm FilEZ was created to help dermatology residents in Canada learn information in an interactive, engaging manner. Throughout the website there are topic summaries, quizzes, clinical vignettes, dermatopathology vignettes, and a bank of images about various sub-topics of dermatology, designed to aid residents in excel in clinical, surgical, and hospitalist practice.

The FilEZ first started as personal study documents Dr. Elena Netchiporouk, Dr. Mathieu Powell and Dr. Zeinah Alhalees had created for themselves during residency, while preparing to take the Royal College exam. Passionate about teaching, when they became attending physicians, they adapted their own study materials to create review and practice exam sessions for current residents in their institution. The initiative was a rapid success, which led them to seek out avenues to grow their medical education project.

In 2020, the Montreal Derm FilEZ name was trademarked and development of the website commenced, in hopes that an online platform would allow the study materials to be widely accessible, continually updated, and responsive to learner engagement.

Staff Physicians

Dr. Elena Netchiporouk

Founder, Quizzes and Learning Modules Director

Dr. Mathieu Powell

Co-founder, Vignettes co-director

Dr. Zeinah AlHalees

Co-founder, Vignettes co-director

Dr. Elizabeth O’Brien

Clinical Gallery Director

Dr. Catherine Besner-Morin

Dermatopathology Director

Dr. May

Dermatopathology Advisor

Dr. Nathalie Skinner

Dermatology for Primary Care

Dr. Carlos Gomez-Garibello

Educational Consultant

Dr. Lydia

Resident advisor


RN, Medical Student, Project Lead, Social Media Manager, Podcast Editor


Medical Student, Project Lead

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Medical Student, Project Lead